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Welcome to my store!

If you came here from PoolBum.com you know that I am serious about cue sports. I’ve worked to create an inventory of products that are worthwhile and of good quality. I also understand that everyone has different needs and different budgets. Generally, you’ll find my prices equal to or better than other sites. My thought is that a whole bunch of sales makes higher prices unnecessary. I figure if you’re happy with my prices and selection, you’ll become a regular customer and even tell your friends. Anyway, that’s what I’m striving for.

The books & DVDs you can buy directly from me, without leaving the store. Just mouse over the “Books” tab at the top and you’ll see a list of categories. If you want to purchase a cue, case or accessories, you’ll have to follow a link that will take you to Amazon. The good news is that I have done a lot of the work sorting through Amazon’s vast inventory. So far, you’ll find pool cues separated into brands, sorted by price: lowest to highest. The pool cue cases are also sorted by price. Mostly, they will be shipped to you by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. It seems that often, the manufacturer will list their products at Amazon for a better price than on their own site.

I picked Amazon because they are very customer oriented and I never heard of anyone having a problem returning something they weren’t satisfied with. That’s sure been my experience.

Have a look around and if you have any comments or suggestions (or heaven forbid, a complaint, lol) don’t be shy to fill out a comment form. Or you can email directly at: [email protected].

Thanks for checking out my store!